Do you want to write? Do you need to write for business or for the web? Do you want somebody to teach you, to edit what you've written, or to just do it for you?

Whatever you need, I work with you to make the text you need concise, engaging and memorable.

To keep my mind and body balanced I teach yoga, and guide visitors to enjoy their time in New Zealand. 

Creative Writing

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What IS creative writing? How do you start? How do you express your thoughts, stories and memories in writing, without being dull? 

'Writing is not just for someone who wants to write the great novel. To write is to be empowered' writes Natalie Goldberg, who published several books on writing. 

Can you share your stories in conversation, yet find it  difficult to create an engaging story on the page? 

In the course I will do exercises with you, we discuss how to connect to the reader and share feedback. We retrieve long forgotten memories, drink tea, eat nibbles and laugh a lot -  course nights are favourite nights of the week.

To stimulate the creative process I provide assignment tasks to be completed at home.

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Who are the students?

Men and women; the youngest early 20s, the oldest in her 80s. Some write for a living, others have not picked up a pen since high school. Artist, builder, engineer, health worker, home maker, journalist, musician, a published author - the desire to put pen to paper and write can infect anybody. The questions are similar - how do you know if what you write is any good? How do you edit a first draft into  a story, a poem, a piece of travel writing or memoir?  Writing requires the individual effort to produce a first draft; it needs readers who are willing to share their honest feedback to polish it into its final version.

The courses I facilitate allow students to experience how their writing is perceived by others. It can be a surprising discovery that parts we think don't work are those that appeal most to others. 

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How is life in New Zealand? How was it yesterday, how is it today?

I teach creative writing to provide a larger diversity in our written world.  The screen is visually dominated by perfect holidays, perfect family gatherings, smiles and happy faces. We need words to 'write the photos we didn't take'. Writing to express life in its entirety, tender, horrid, kind, destructive.  How do you care for your demented mother? Write about the funny and the sad moments, the glimpses of delight. 

In the writing course I provide tools to keep you writing, to find topics to write about, to create puzzle pieces that one day  might turn into a larger piece of writing. 


Below a few testimonials from previous students:

'I have LOVED the course! At the start I had a fear of writing and didn't consider myself a writer.'
'Hella is a helluva teacher. It is one thing having knowledge. It is another to be able to share it so well.'
'Fantastic is one of those much-misused adjectives. It relates to fantasy but we often sue it to describe something that is wonderful, magnificent, amazing. This course is all of those things. It has already served the purpose of getting me writing again. On that note alone, it is a success.'
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Technical Writing


The term ‘technical writing’ is mostly used for specialised content, e.g. for software development, engineering and other industries that require in-depth and detailed knowledge. People who work within these industries study for years, they need to learn and understand complex information to be successful in their careers. 

People who use the products developed by these industries don’t have the same knowledge. They might not need it either – I don’t need to know how an engine works to drive a car. However, a mechanic who explains why certain maintenance tasks are important to maximise the benefit I get from my car is more likely to get my business than a mechanic who can’t explain why I should change my cambelt. 

A technical writer working across a variety of industries comes to the specialist content with 'a set of fresh eyes’ and a client's perspective, asking the questions the client needs answered to make a decision. Complex information is translated into plain language, a software's capabilities are translated into solutions for the client's problems.  

The term technical writing applies to all texts that aim to translate knowledge from a specialised industry into plain English. Combining the technical writer's language skills with the specialist's subject knowledge results in texts that are accessible to and appropriate for the intended audience. 

I work with specialists to ensure that documents

  • contain the complete, correct and concise information required
  • make the specialist topic accessible to all
  • are written in a language that non-specialists understand
  • explain health hazards to trainees working in dangerous environments, e.g. as a stevedore on a port
  • Standard Operation Procedures are translated into plain English that is accessible to second-language speakers and people with limited literacy
  • contain images and drawings to illustrate what's difficult to put into words
  • describe how cloud-based technology can assist business owners of all industries in their daily management.  


“Hella has done a great job getting under the hood of Ag Hub in order to understand the overall solution namely the devices used on farm and how they feed data into the various online modules to provide the farmer information and insight to make the right decision.
Hella is very passionate about what she does, no stone is left unturned. A pleasure to work with.”

Ballance Agri-Nutrients

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Web content


Talking about your business is easier than writing about it. I will work with you and your web designer to identify a series of topics to cover on your website. Conversations and interviews with you and your staff will provide me with the information needed to write engaging and informative web content.  

As freelance writer with no prior knowledge of your business I will ask questions your client might have. I'll write website content that answers those questions, showcases the quality of your product and outlines what makes your service stand out from the competition. 

Do you want to have regular newsletters? Do you need a blog to keep your website alive? Talk to me, and I turn our conversations into a blog post or newsletter update. 

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Tour Guide

A confident driver for nearly 40 years, I'm available to drive and guide private tours for up to 10 clients. Well familiar with favourite and hidden locations and attractions in and around Nelson at the Top of the South Island (home for 18 + years) and Tauranga (home for 6 years) in the Bay of Plenty; Rotorua, Waikato and Coromandel, the Top and Central  South Island, I have travelled to most corners of New Zealand. 

If you want to discover tracks  away from the main tourist routes that offer a range of diverse environments, get in touch. The Top of the South Island has a stunning and accessible coast line, attractive in all seasons. Get in touch if you are looking for advice, transport or a local guide.



Yoga is for every body, and every age is the right age to start or to pick it up again. To begin you don’t need to be flexible, or strong – regular practice increases flexibility, stability and balance in body and mind.

Nelson has a wide range of highly qualified and inspiring teachers; rather than trying to establish my own classes I enjoy being taught, and occasionally teach as reliever. Get in touch if you want to find out more.