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Creative Writing

2-hour bite-sized Introduction to Creative Writing

"Loved your class last night. This afternoon I had a list of things to do but realised that I had a poem to get out of me! I couldn't get anything done until I'd written it!! You opened something! Now Im flowing 😄."
"The course was wonderful - a great break from my life. I loved learning about ways to come up with things to write about and how to start writing. Thank you Hella for giving me some motivation and encouragement!"


"Thank you! I came in with a scrambled mind. The activities were easy - making lists - I can do that. Now I know how to get my topics."
"Lovely to let go of all ideas or rules. Let go of what sounds "good" or "right". I like to be able to let anything flow out of my mind - so thank you for showing me how." 
"Hella's introduction to writing sampler is thought provoking. It awakens the creative process making creative writing seem like a 'doable' endeavour. It was very satisfying to be writing right away and leave with ideas to continue."

6 week Introduction to Creative Writing

"This course has been fun, expansive, scary all in one. The best thing is it has started me writing and given me the confidence to share, even if I do not feel my words are worthy.
It has been a great experience listening to everyone’s different styles and maybe realising my own."
"I have enjoyed coming here on Wednesday nights. I was a bit nervous as I haven’t done anything to do with writing since High School.
I think the course has helped me think in different ways. Which was what I was hoping for. Something a bit different to going to work, driving home and talking about factual things that happened."
"This course has challenged me to abandon the preconceived notions of what writing ought to be. It has encouraged me to use writing as a tool for creative expression. It has freed my from fears of incorrect spelling and grammar rules. Although I still like punctuation, I do not feel bound by its symbols and conventions. The class has stimulated the other creative points in my brain, facilitating a flood of ideas (documented) to paint weave etc. Thank you."
"The first day of this course I was a mess. My stomach churned and my heart raced as I walked around the Historic village trying to find the right room in a village full of suitable rooms.
Then, when I met Hella, I felt at ease. A short lived reprieve as we were then challenged to compare ourselves to a garden implement. Jeeeezus I thought, this is going to be hard, I’m not going to come back.
But I did, and have looked more and more forward to every class. My thoughts are freer then they ever were before."

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Technical Writing

"Hella was employed as a contract documentation expert. She has produced dozens of training and induction manuals particularly in the Stevedoring, Logistics and Marine spaces. Hella is very sharp at analysing business practice and converting that to plain English. Her results are fantastic and her analysis of process and subsequent documentation has really helped our staff learn the right skills in the right manner."

Port Nelson Ltd

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"Thanks, Hella, my downward dog has never felt this good, this strong.’

"I've done yoga for many years, but this is the first time anybody has ever explained to me how I could work towards lengthening my hamstrings in downward dog."

"Many thanks for the yoga session. It was very enjoyable despite being difficult at times. It's the first time I've ever been shown what to do in any detail, even in so called beginner classes, and the first time anyone has corrected my attempts to replicate the asanas. I slept like a log and, much to my surprise, I don't feel at all stiff this morning."