Hella Bauer writes all the time. 

Creative non-fiction and poetry, web content, operations and training manuals.  

Do you struggle to fill an empty page, to write for your website? Do you wonder how best to string a sentence together? I teach anything to do with writing; I facilitate creative writing in courses and monthly groups, run workshops to cater for the business context. I write for you, if you just want something on paper or screen, talk to me.

To understand how to capture and maintain the readers' attention I read incessantly, eternally curious to learn. To keep my body as flexible as my mind I regularly practice and teach yoga. To share my love of New Zealand's diversity I guide tourists wherever they might want to go. 


Do you want to write?
A memoir, a story or poetry?

Do you need to document a process? Does your website need great content? 

Does you want to discover New Zealand with a local guide?



In the creative writing courses I facilitate regularly in Tauranga I help you to overcome the fear of the empty page, and give you exercises to get the words roaming freely. 

In courses we let the pen flow to create a first draft. We work together and edit the drafts. The final version expresses the essence of the experience. 

Get in touch to find out about courses and workshops. 



As a freelance writer I write documents or web content for you, edit existing documents or work with you  to improve your writing skills.

'Common sense' is a trap - you need to know to have it…  I ask the questions your clients or trainee has, and ensure that those questions are answered in your document and on your website. 

Get in touch to find out how your website can engage, how your documents can be truly inclusive. 

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New Zealand is stunning, attractive in all seasons. Get in touch if you are looking for advice, transport or a local guide. Whatever your plans, I can show you around for a day, or drive you from the Top of the North Island to the very South, sharing my experience of living at the most beautiful end of the world, its history, culture and day-to-day realities.

Learn more. About writing, about books, about yoga and more.

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