About Hella Bauer


Writing is an integral part of my professional and personal life. I've read voraciously to learn, to process, to remember and to relax as long as I can remember.

Born in Germany in an old village first mentioned in church records in 1100, I moved to New Zealand in 1995. Writing has been essential in every education, in every job I've had. I stumbled into technical writing a bit by accident. Knowing my love of writing and training a friend asked if I thought I could write training manuals for the Port. 'I have no idea, but I can give it a try,' I said. The initial short term contract was extended several times; I wrote  over 30 manuals covering a range of jobs in the Ports. Other contracts followed: to write web content for software applications, to re-write and edit operations manuals and office documentation. 

A move to Tauranga in 2013 opened new opportunities. In search of a writing community I developed the Writing Incubator, and now regularly teach and facilitate   Creative Writing Courses that I enjoy as much as my students, quite a few students have become friends and writing buddies. 

In winter 2019 I returned to Nelson, on the Top of the South Island. The draw of friends, family and familiarity, not to mention the sheer beauty of the environment, were too hard to resist any longer.

It all began when

my brother started school. Two years older and like me keen on books and stories, he took me by the hand and the two of us went off to the neighbourhood library to while away endless rainy afternoons. We spent hours exploring the box of picture books; my brother taught me to decipher the stories. The library had run out of books for me before I started high school.

At High School in Germany we wrote essays; in German, English, French, in Music, Art, History, Philosophy, Literature courses. In my spare time I wrote journals, letters, postcards. My rainy green home town with hilly walking tracks through the forest and a hanging train above the river was hard to fathom for my Australian pen friend who wrote about heat, endless sunshine, palms and a swimming pool in her yard...  

A tertiary course introduced me to translations and the language of business; my first job at a development aid agency was to read, translate and condense reports from various projects. Extract what the decision makers need to know to say yes or no to ongoing support from 100+ pages of funding applications, interim and final project reports. A science degree followed, and with it a different type of reports, a Master's thesis, science articles. 

After immigrating I read New Zealand books to explore the history, the culture, the way of perceiving the world of my new home country. Raising my children we discovered Hairy McLeary and Dr. Seuss, The Witch in the Wardrobe, Alice in Wonderland and Jane Eyre together. 

The Diploma in Creative Writing at the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology gave me a new set of eyes; it gave me permission to ignore all rules, to explore and experiment with language. The words that flowed in disorderly fashion out of my pen often surprised me. Writing without considering an audience is a truly liberating experience. Transforming first drafts into polished pieces of poetry or non-fiction taught me techniques that improve all writing.  

In Tauranga I discovered The Incubator in the Historic Village. The award winning creative hub started out as a large red tin shed that a bunch of motivated and creative people converted into a shared artist studio and exhibition space. A magnet for all who create, with paints, clay, flax, with new and recycled materials. For a number of years I was their resident writer, editing publications, writing artist’s interviews and and more. I developed and taught Introduction of Creative Writing courses in the Historic Village, but have now moved on to a different location. The Poetry Incubator was a monthly gathering of poets that provided a forum to share and discuss their own poetry or that written by others. 

To get my head out of the books I love to move. Yoga keeps me flexible and balanced, the stunning environment pulls me off the chair and to beaches, into the the bush and mountains. Teaching yoga and guiding visitors allows me to share these passions. 


Barnicoat Hill in Stoke, Nelson - the paragliders and hang gliders fly off from here. I love to walk up, and down, and take in the view from the top. 

Barnicoat Hill in Stoke, Nelson - the paragliders and hang gliders fly off from here. I love to walk up, and down, and take in the view from the top. 

Climbing a hill or a mountain is a wonderful way to let off steam, to discover new environments, to relish the gorgeous view that awaits at the top.

Yoga Teacher

Finding good spots for yoga everywhere...

Finding good spots for yoga everywhere...

I fell in love with yoga in 1997, and it has been a constant in my life ever since. At the time I was neither flexible nor strong, yet the weekly classes left me feeling fabulous in body and mind. The use of props, a focus on alignment and clear instructions allowed me to work towards seemingly impossible yoga asanas. 

In 2017, after 20 years of regular practice and countless workshops in various parts of the world I completed 250 hours teacher training that covered all aspects of yoga with Glenn Ceresoli of Yogamind.

In 2018 I began teaching Yoga @ The Pilates Loft,  small classes with a focus on alignment. A maximum of 6 students allows me to tailor instructions to the students' needs. Contact me for the current class schedule.  

Yoga is for every body, you can start at any time. It is NOT necessary to be strong or flexible.  Regular practice brings stability and balance to the body and the mind.

Tour Guide

Hella 01.jpg

Attracted to New Zealand by its space, its beauty and the sunshine I explore the country’s diversity with tramping, cycling and attending yoga workshops in beautiful spaces. 

How anybody can describe a trip along New Zealand's roads as boring is incomprehensible to me. I enjoy driving and the landscape that changes depending on time of day or season. Tourists appreciate  the NZ facts and myths I share more than my children ever did.

For several seasons I guided groups of cruise ship passengers from the Port of Tauranga to favourite and hidden attractions in and around the Bay of Plenty; Tauranga, Rotorua, Waikato and Coromandel. A member of ProGuides NZ I now guide multi day tours all over New Zealand for different tour operators. Get in touch if you need a driver guide for groups of up to 10 people, or a German speaking guide for small and larger groups. 

Rotorua's geothermal wonders

Rotorua's geothermal wonders

Nelson on the Top of the South Island was home until I moved to Tauranga in 2013. I've been exploring the Bay of Plenty, the North Island and in particular the geothermal wonders of Rotorua ever since.

The paperwork

Am I 'a lifelong learner' or 'a course junkie'? The outcome remains the same - I love learning in a group, sharing knowledge and discussing ways of experiencing the world. I can't remember a single year in which I've not participated in a learning environment. As a student, as an observer, as a teacher. 

Over decades I've attended tertiary and community education classes, explored Industry Training Organisations and Te Wananga o Aotearoa. Volunteer organisations and clubs taught me essential life skills. And I've been teaching and facilitating groups all along the way. 

13 years with Toastmasters International resulted in a wooden plaque that identifies me as Distinguished Toastmaster. More than the plaque I value what it stands for. I speak confidently to audiences large and small, young and old. Team work, team leadership, growing and managing volunteer groups are invaluable part of that experience. Co-creating a desired outcome in an inclusive cooperative manner is my favourite way of working. 

Volunteering as a budget advisor was a grounding, sobering and rewarding experience.

Below is a list of a range of completed courses and qualifications. 



Certificate in Money Management (2014)
Te Wananga o Aotearoa, Tauranga

Diploma in Creative Writing (2012)
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

Certificate Te Rito o Te Reo (2003)
Introduction into Maori Language and Culture
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

Certificate in Adult Teaching (2000)
Foundation courses 1 & 2
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

Bi-lingual English / German
Formerly fluent French has grown rusty from lack of use
Basic understanding of Te Reo Maori

I have a clean drivers licence with Passenger endorsement. 




Masters of Agricultural Sciences, M Sc (1999)
International Agricultural Development
Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

Dairy Herd Management (1996)
Agriculture ITO

Feed Budgeting (1996)
Agriculture ITO

Foreign Language Correspondent; 1985
Hannover, Germany
Administration and translation German / English / French