What is the difference between copywriting and copyediting

Searching the Internet is a bit like fishing. You know the fish are out there. You throw your line again and again, yet it’s the guy beside you who catches all the fish. Are you using the right bait for the type of fish you’re aiming to catch?

It’s the same old story when searching the Internet. It does not matter if you are looking for a service or if you are looking for customers. Do you know the terms and keywords your customer googles? Are those keywords on your website?  
Talking to a woman in the midst of updating her website I realised that people who want a professional site don’t always know what to look for.

Do you need a copywriter or a copyeditor? What is the difference?



A copywriter is a person who gathers information and writes for you. The copywriter finds out what you want to say – through interviews or reading information you provide - and builds a story to serve the purpose of your website. If you hate writing but are passionate about your job, I recommend finding a copywriter. A copywriter will capture your passion and transform it into engaging copy for your website.


If your style of talking and engaging with people is part of your business, find a copyeditor. You might like writing, but hate spelling and grammar. You know what you want to say, but don’t trust your ability to say it correctly. A copyeditor takes a written text and ensures that it is logically structured, contains the information required by your reader, and is error free. The words are effective, grammar and punctuation are correct, yet the style and tone are yours.
To create the professional content that is consistent with the professional web design, use a professional writer.  To write the content (a copywriter will do this for you) or to copyedit the text you have written (look for a copyeditor). Discuss what you need with the freelance writer that pops up in the net of your Google search.
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Hella Bauer is a freelance writer, a copywriter, a copyeditor and a trainer – she can write for you, copyedit your text or coach you to improve your writing.

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