Why contract a writer?

As business owner you know that your service and your product are the best and just what the client needs. Why is it so difficult to get this message across? As trainer you know exactly what your trainee needs to know. Why, oh why, is it so difficult to get the message across?

Unconscious knowledge

If you have owned your business for many years, or worked in your industry for decades, you will have unconscious knowledge – the knowledge that you don’t think about any more.  Words you use, or a process that is ‘common sense’ so you don’t even mention it. Yet, your customer and trainee don’t have the same knowledge, and don’t have industry specific ‘common sense’. If you use jargon, assuming that others understand you, this makes it difficult to ask – few people are comfortable showing their lack of knowledge. It is easy to mis-communicate: you don't know what you know, and the customer or trainee don't know which questions to ask, as they don't know what they need to know.
As contract writer a lack of factual knowledge is not embarrassing. It is part of my job to ask questions, and I will ask questions that allow me to explain your product, or process in all its details. I make sure that your unconscious knowledge is included into the web content page or training document.


As the business owner or trainer, you write from your perspective. You know the potential of your product. You know what your trainee needs to learn. Yet, you might not phrase your knowledge in a way that meets your client's needs. 
As contract writer, and outsider of your business, I have your potential client’s and your trainee’s perspective. I don’t know the product, and I don’t know the job.

Why contract a writer?

I will help you to get your message across. How do I do this?

  • I listen to you as the potential client, as the trainee
  • I ask the questions that the potential client or trainee have, but might be too shy or self-conscious to ask
  • I structure the information you present in a logical sequence
  • If required I add information that I as the potential client or trainee would like to have
  • I explain individual steps before explaining a process.

The writing

With the first draft I present you with the information that I have gained from our conversation or your material. This gives you the opportunity to check – is this what you want the potential client or trainee to know? At this stage you can add anything that is missing, or make any other changes that you think are important.

How can you get your message across?

Working with a contract writer combines your subject knowledge with the writer’s skills. The final page or document is written for your potential client or trainee, all questions are answered; the message is concise, well structured and clear. Working with a contract writer is an effective way to get your message across to its target audience.

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